The gun powder plotters

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1605- Catholics and James the first was Protestant.

Robert Winter

Christofer wright

John wright

thomas percy




one of the people of the group worked in the past of Manchester and he loaded barrel withe gunpowder and dynamite ans guide hawks was catched. because somebody wrote a letter to the lord that he is a plotter.


Guy Fawkes reportedly said if the plot was successful, "the people themselves would elect a head".

- What might have happened, had the gunpowder plod succeeded


the people elect a new head this was the question?


Today uk would look like a better and more democratic country then before. They would still be in the European Union, and the people there in the past could has removed the differences between the Catholics and the democratic people. So all in all the north Ireland conflict would not existing today! Liverpool and such could be independent states in a federal like in Germany. The kingdom would not existing today. 


How they celebrate? got touch preset ion, fireworks to represent the gunpowder and bonfire with guy Fawkes in the middle. IS HE A HERO? They are satanisuxxxx. They burned Boris Johnson, liz true and at least Angela Merkel. This is barbaric! WHO WOULD BE THE NEXT ONE??? 


Lana Rhoades


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